Supply Chain Management - Nike & Adidas Essay

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Supply Chain Management - Nike & Adidas
Supply management is a complex function that’s critical to business success, responsible for delivering efficient costs, high quality, fast delivery and continuous innovation throughout companies’ entire supply chains. The strategic contribution of supply management is measured not only in savings made, but also in increased shareholder value (Niezen, Weller & Deringer, 2007). Nike and Adidas are two global companies try to improve their competitive advantage through strategically managing and utilizing their supply chain. The purpose of this report is to compare and evaluate the supply chain management practices of Nike & Adidas.

2.1 Nike Corporate
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Coca Cola Supply Chain Management
1.0 Introduction:
How can we explain how important supply chain management is in the business industry? Many business go through the process of supply chain such as Public v Private Primary, Secondary, Tertiary sectors, Financial, Retailing, Manufacturing, Wholesale trades, Construction, Mining Quarrying/Farming, Services and Transport. Our lives moves and grows through supply chain management its part of a system in receiving our products, everyday goods, Raw materials, Packaging materials, Semi - finished goods, Finished goods , Machines & spares, Services and Office Equipment. It can be defined as a process of arranging, preparing, applying and taking efficient control, by storing goods or services and taking information from the original point to the point of its development or consumption for the intention of conforming to customer’s orders and requirements. It involves coordination of all sectors involved in delivering the arrangement of inputs, outputs or outcomes that will meet a specification of customer or buyers
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Physical good flow information flow
In a way it’s like the circle of life, business life.
To go through the process of purchasing

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