The Role Of Dynamic Service Environment Challenges Effect On An Organization And How Internal Marketing

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In summary, this research sought to understand how dynamic service environment challenges effect to an organization and how internal marketing can play important role in business model in the organization and how it can support service innovation and in last how value can be created by informed and motivated employees. The following chapters present a summary overview of the research program that was used to answer the research questions and sub-questions and testing hypothesis.
1.3. Contribution Statement of Research
This research is definitive to achieving a better understanding about how internal marketing can play important role in business model can be supported service in order to contribute to manufacturing companies. Although service innovation in organization has been mentioned in service marketing research ,the main important factor which has key role for successful service innovation specially in manufacturing organization has not been sufficiently specified .Previous research has demonstrated existing literature in marketing mostly focused in new service development process and few studies in service innovation process ,However in dynamic marketplace its essential for service-Based and knowledge based organization pay more attention to develop their strategy and culture and investigate factors which make competitive advantage ,co-creation value and finally profitability for organization .This present research proposed that internal marketing is a way for…

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