Supermarket and International Segment Essay

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Identify the firm’s primary product lines, industry (ies) and competitive scope of operations, i.e., product, industry, geography and vertical integration, as appropriate.

Wal-Mart in Brazil is one of the third-largest retailer companies in the world’s fifth-largest country. Wal-Mart Brazil has more than 485 supermarkets, three and Sam’s hypermarkets in different Brazilian states, including Sao Paulo, one of the busiest state in Brazil. Wal-Mart Brazil ranks as the third-largest retailer in the world's fifth-largest country. Since entering the market in 1995 with just two supercenters and three SAM'S CLUB warehouse stores, Wal-Mart Brazil has grown, mainly by acquisition, to number about 485 supermarkets and hypermarkets in more than
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Our ability to offer our customers low prices on quality merchandise that offers exceptional value in the International segment determines, to a large extent, our competitive position. In our international units, our ability to operate the food departments effectively has a major impact on the segment’s competitive position in the markets where we operate. The main competitor for Wal-Mart in Brazil is Carrefour, a famous French supermarket chain, which entered the Brazilian market in 1974. Today, the chain is responsible for the operation of 39 stores spread over the country, and is fully adapted to Brazilian culture and consumption habits, therefore not being perceived by customers as a foreign company. As a matter of fact, Carrefour is known as the lowest price retailer by people of all social classes.

Customers impressed by low prices and extensive product lines, besides special offers, who had to travel several miles to reach the stores, were in for a

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