Summary : ' The Police Department ' Grand Rapids Michigan ' Essay

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The Grievant James Evans had worked for the Kent County Sheriff Department in Grand Rapids Michigan as deputy on road patrol for ten years. The grievant wife Angelica Evans was a friend of a man named Miguel one of her co-workers. Another woman named Gloria Hernandez also with Miguel. Gloria was jealous of Angelica and Miguel’s friendship. Gloria got mad and broke Angelica car window out and was being verbally abusive towards her. Mrs. Evans went to the Police Department in Grand Rapids Michigan and filed a complaint on Mrs. Hernandez. The Police Department looked into the complaint that Angelica had filed. Then Mrs. Evans had called her husband what had happened and she told him she was afraid of Gloria, and he needed to do something about it.
The Grievant used his mobile data terminal in his patrol car to look Gloria Hernandez address. Then around 11:30 P.M he went to Gloria resident and waited for her to come out to her vehicle, then he pulled up behind her car while she was in the garage in her car. then the grievant got out his police car and order her to get out her car. once she got out her car officer Evans grabbed her hands and put them behind her back and slid her feet apart. Evans told her she need to pay for the damage of the window she broke in his wife Mrs. Evans car. then the grievant told her she didn’t get the window fixed that bad things would happen to her, and she would be deported back to Mexico.
The sheriff department didn’t authorize for officer James…

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