Essay about Summary : ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Betsy Ann, which is know as Abigail Williams in Salem, had went to the West Indies after she had ran away from. She kept her identity a secret because she did not want anyone to know anything about what had happened to her in Salem, Massachusetts where she originally lived. Betsy Ann had become a prostitute; she never found anyone she loved the way that she loved John. Little did she know John Procter took his life by not confessing that he was a witch; God damns all liars. Which is exactly what Betsy had done, but she ran away before she was even questioned about witchcraft.
Betsy Ann had four kids, and was very poor; they lived in a beaten down old shack that had no electricity, no running water, no food or even anything to drink. Betsy had been trying for years to find a job that pays enough to get these kids food and shelter. One morning Reverend Gatsby had come knocking on Betsy Ann’s door.
“Betsy Ann, may I have a word with you outside?” asked Mr. Gatsby. It was still early dawn, so none of the kids were awake, no one was. As they stepped out of the shack, she noticed that the whole church members were standing outside in the mist of the morning. It had been sunrise.
“The children, how have they been?” questioned Reverend Gatsby. Betsy replied, “They’re surviving, but it hurts so much to see them so hungry and depressed.” “We are here to take your kids, they do not deserve to live like this,” Gatsby paused, “I’m sorry we have to do this to you. We have a great…

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