Abigail Williams As A Villain In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible is a book written by Arthur Miller this story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. Throughout this story we learn about the witch trials, the witch trials were a time in history where anyone could accuse whoever they wanted of witchcraft. If they were found guilty they were executed by hangings in front of the whole town. People had many motivations for crying witchcraft, some wanted land others wanted vengeance, vengeance will be the biggest player in The Crucible.
Abigail Williams was a beautiful young girl who lived in Salem with her uncle, Reverend Parris. One night she and some other girls are caught dancing in the woods naked and singing. She and the other girls were trying to conjure the spirits of the boys they liked.
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Abigail Williams is clearly the villain in The Crucible because she manages to manipulate not only her friends but the whole town. Abigail has no parents so it seems like she wants more attention and love. She thinks that John will provide the love she wants, but she is wrong. John has already accepted that their relationship was not right. Abigail speaks to John when he goes to Salem he tells her that he no longer wants anything to do with her. She simply can not give him up. Her motivations are always crystal clear. She was driven by jealousy and ambition. She is the leader of the girls and they follow her without doubting her. It is simply pretense when Betty and Abigail begin their hysterical screams, yelling out names accusing them of being with the devil. “I saw Sarah Good with the devil! I saw goody Osburn with the devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the devil!” (Miller, 1996, p.25) These are some of the false accusations that Abigail yells after Tituba confesses. She decides to accuse other people so that she can save herself. Abigail is self-centered and does not think about the consequences of her actions. She keeps lying in the court pretending to be afflicted by spirits of the accused thus condemning them to death. After Mary Warren confesses that it has all been a lie Abigail knows that Danforth is doubting her. She then turns against Mary and pretends to see Mary’s spirit in a shadow above her. The girls automatically follow and accuse Mary of sending her spirit out on them. John Proctor sees this and he confesses to the affair he had with Abigail. At this point Abigail can do no more she knows that she will lose. After Elizabeth Proctor is called and she denies knowing about the affair Abigail grasps this opportunity to continue accusing Mary. Abigail knew that she was in danger and as soon as she felt like she was safe she

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