Comparison Of Mccarthyism And The Red Scare

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“The Red Scares were fears when government officials and other groups promoted a fear of communism in the United States” (article 1) The Red Scares brought fear over the United States when communism was brought to topic by groups of people that were angered by it, and eventually the government. These rumors of communism brought change in the US, and constant fear and preparation was a result. “Forty-four out of the 48 state governments in the United States passed laws between 1949 and 1955 to suppress communist activities.” (article 1) Almost all states and their governments were concerned about these communist rumors, and placed laws in their states that was an attempt to get rid of the fear from them. The McCarthyism and Red Scares …show more content…
John was the wife of Elizabeth and was a normal farmer outside of town. During these witch trials, however, his wife was suspected for witchcraft by Abigail Williams. Abigail wanted Elizabeth to be jailed so she could be with John, and she would not get in the way of them. John had to defend Elizabeth in court because of Abigail’s ‘suspicion’, and he tried using Mary Warren to help him get Elizabeth out of trouble. Mary disagreed with John because she believed that Abigail and the other girls would hurt, or even kill her. John convinced her to help him and they ended up failing in their attempt at saving her from jail time. Mary Warren was so frightened at the girls and actions, that she turned on John and started acting with the other girls. Mary then convicted John of also being a witch. “You’re the Devil’s man!” Mary Warren yells toward Proctor. John was forced to confess that he was a witch so he would only be jailed and not killed. This rumor of John being a witch, frightened the community because everyone thought he would be the last person to be a witch, and he was such a great person of the community. However, these rumors greatly affected John because it ended in his death, trying to protect his …show more content…
She was afraid the people of the town would hurt or kill her for her actions.
To conclude, the rumors that were created and spread by the people of Salem, affected them, their families, and how they lived greatly. There were many people that started these rumors and were affected by them, but I believe that Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor, and Abigail Williams, were negatively affected the most out of everyone else. The Crucible was all about these rumors and the affects they had on the people and town. The Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism were the root of all fear and evil in this time in US history, by spreading rumors of terrible things that caused chaos across many

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