Character Analysis: Avery's Trauma '

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Chase(21-25) Ava's boyfriend
Sophia&Skyler(22) twins; Ava's friends
Chloe(23)Ava's god sister
Kayla(20-24)Ava's best friend

Amy(13-17)Avery's best friend

Title: Avery's Trauma
Genre: Realistic Fiction and Drama
23 year old Ava Wells was a young girl that was sneaking out, getting high, getting drunk, constantly partying hard, and verbally and physically abusing her 17 year old sister Avery. After 3 months of rehab for Ava, her and her family reunited. From Avery's perspective she's not ready to forgive Ava. Avery has a lot of built up anger, hatred, and agony in her after the struggles she have been through.Now that Ava's home from rehab she's being treated as if she's a queen, and she have
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The night of Ava's graduation she went to the party along with Chase Morey, her 21 year old boyfriend, and his sister Kayla, whose Ava's best friend. These two have been best friends since middle school. During Ava's sophomore year of high school, her and Chase started dating.
Ava came home the following morning, and was disapprovingly hungover. Once she was home, she noticed her 13 year old sister,Avery, in the kitchen fixing her some orange juice to drink with her muffin. Ava willingly pushed Avery away and drunk her orange juice as well as eat her muffin. After Ava acted rudely towards Avery, she went upstairs to take a nap. Avery was incredibly angry;She decided to walk to her best friend, Amy's house. Avery knocked on the door;Amy came out and spoke. “What's up, Av!”,spoken Amy.
“ It's Ava again, she came home hungover from that lame party, and pushed me just to drink my orange juice and eat my muffin.”, she vocalized exasperatedly.
“Do you want to go to the bakery around the corner?”, requested Amy
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Ava moved with Chase in his two bedroom apartment. Chase was working as a bartender until he quit to start working as a part time farmer. He and Ava are inseparable; they finished unpacking and Chase mixed them a few drinks. Once their drinks was mixed, they sat and watched a movie and cuddled.
The next morning Ava decided to look for a job. Ava wanted to always work as a secretary when she was younger. She filled out applications all day long. Ava went to her parents house to get a few other belongings of hers. In the meantime she seen Avery and Amy in Avery's room and laughed at them and then mumbled something under her breath. Avery stood up and walked over and closed her door and told Amy, “Im sorry you had to hear that!”
“It's ok I'll be back,” angrily said Amy as she stood up
Amy walks out of Avery's room and went to Ava's room and walked in.
“Hey Ava! Can I talk to you for a sec?”
“It will be wasting my time but I guess.” Ava sarcastically uttered.
“ I want to talk to you about the way you treat Avery cause it's not right to treat her like that, she's your younger sister and you supposed to protect her not hurt her.” Amy demanding and angrily said as she pointed her finger at

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