Summary of the Books of the Old Testament Essay

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Marsha D. Owen
Introduction to Biblical Literature
June 6, 2012
Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books
The book of Numbers is mostly law, with some narrative. The key theme for this book is how the post-Exodus Israelites journeyed to the Promised Land. Despite God’s provisions for their well being, they were not thankful and doubted God. Their doubt and ungratefulness led to punishment by God. As a result of their lack of faith, they would spend 40 years wandering in the desert, teaching and preparing the second generation of Israelites of God’s promise and provision. The people of Israel were also numbered, as ordered by God in this book of the Bible. Numbers starts at Mount Sinai; this is where the
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Joshua sent two spies into Canaan. A prostitute helps them as long as her and her family is spared when Canaan is destroyed. Joshua and Israelite cross the Jordan River during flood stage in a dramatic fashion carrying the Ark of the Covenant. The people do as God tell them at Jericho, causing the walls to fall. Joshua was told by God that someone took something from Jericho. By lots Joshua narrowed it down to Achan. He died because of his actions. Gibeon makes peace with Israel out of fear and Israel demolishes five armies in their defense. Israelite destroy all the cities in the north and south of Canaan; killing everyone. Finally, before Joshua’s death, in a pronouncement to the people, he asked that they continue to follow all of God’s laws, avoid native idols and not to marry the native people that became part of Israel.
1 Samuel
The book of 1 Samuel is an example of a biblical narrative with some prophecy. The key theme in this book is Israel desiring a King like other countries and the end of rule by judges. It shows the call of Saul and David, the first two kings of Israel. The main characters in 1 Samuel is Hannah, Samuel, Eli, Saul and then David. Upon the fervent prayer of Hannah to become pregnant and the promise to dedicate the child she bore to God, Samuel was born. Under the guidance of Eli within the temple, Samuel became a prophet of God. While at war with the Israel, the Philistines take

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