Dale Chihuly

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The author begins by using figurative language employed by Dale Chihuly to describe his collection of artistic products. Willard argues that he never knew that he was a blanket collector he opened the book entitled Chihuly's Pendletons and Their Influences on His Work. Chihuly’s Pendleton is an exciting text that provides an elaborate exposition of his career as a pre-eminent artist in the United States. His flamboyant and contorted glassworks are a unique and conspicuous trademark displayed across the globe. Chihuly described his works of art as trade blankets. In fact, in the preliminary sections of his book, he pointed out that the book documents the variety and beauty of his trade blankets or glasswork. On this account, the author’s review presents an historical background of the trade blankets. The blankets are clearly represented using thrilling colors in the book. Further, other sections of the texts provide a vivid description of people, photographers, and places decorated with the Chihuly exemplary glassworks.

Willard’s short review of Chihuly’s book express a few interesting facts about the artist and his works. Principally, Chihuly’s artwork is an incorporation of ideas into the conventional Native American Arts. Besides, the author’s
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The catalogue essay written by Burgard points out the seriousness of Chihuly in his inventive art and debunks most of the negative views from critics. Chihuly rose to prominence in the 1970s due to the vibrancy of the soft sculpture movement and popularity of both installation and public art. Chihuly’s indefatigable imaginations of art are conspicuously reflected decorations in the Golden Gate Park. It has hundreds of neon-filled and yellow glass that brightens the central core. In addition, Chihuly has manufactured many glassworks that are capable of illuminating

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