Children At Green Meadows Character Analysis

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Enid Blyton is a famous children’s writer who endeared herself to growing children with almost 600 books. She also created a series of books on a set of characters like the Famous Five and the Secret Seven. Her novels always cantered on children as the main characters who solved many crimes and mysteries, much before the Police could do. Enid Blyton was born in 1897 and died in 1968 of Alzheimer’s disease.

Enid Blyton and Writing of “Children of Green Meadows”

Enid Blyton also loved animals and this love found itself translated into a number of books. One of the more famous books is Children at Green Meadows. In the novel Green Meadows is a large rambling house in a dilapidated condition as the owners do not have enough money to repair it. The parents want to sell it, but granny who
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This probably affected her badly as though she was married she started having a string of love affairs. She divorced her first husband and in 1943 married a second time to a man named Darrell Waters. She took the unprecedented step of changing the surname of her two daughters from her first marriage to Waters. Her husband died in 1967 and Enid died a year later. on 28 November 1968, aged 71. She was cremated at the Golders Green Crematoriumwhere her ashes remain till …show more content…
The language is simple and the sentences well crafted for young boys and girls. The book has some lovely descriptions which show the love of children for animals. Out of nearly 600 books by Enid Blyton, this book has a niche of its own and reveals what a master craftswoman, Enid Blyton was, and who could relate a simple tale and infuse it with life. The fact that she wrote over 600 books is testimony to her prodigious

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