Death With Dignity Act

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Laying in bed knowing that you are going to lose control of your body and mind. Also knowing that you are going to be burden to your family. Is that really the life you want to live? Many people would agree that is not a life worth living, as a fellow human being I would agree with them. A life full of hospital beds, pain, and knowing that my sanity days are counted. It is just cruel. On October 27 1997 Oregon passed the death with dignity act, which allows terminally ill Oregonians to end their life through the voluntary self administered lethal mediation. Later on Washington and California pass the smillair law. As a Kantian deontologist I should be opposed to the idea of the dying with dignity act yet
Kant was opposed to suicide as an
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She passed away when she saw 54. She lived in oregon, She used her right for death with dignity. Curtis took the medication when she felt her life was the point of no return. She was surrounded by her family when she drank the medicine. During these two year she spent time with her husband two kids. Her husband was very supoortive with her deccsions aslo was her daugter. The only one who was not supportive about her desscion on ending life was her son. He felt that people should never quit trying untill the end. Yet I feel he was being selfish and not letting his mom go in peace. Later on the son was understanding Curtis. Cody knew she did want to go through with all those horrible treatmeants that let her without the abillty to take care of herself. She had no control of her valuve movemnts, could not eat anything becuase she would throw it up in the matter of mintues. Curtis had to learn how to do everything once agian. People always say always have to fight and keep on trying. Yet they are the ones who have the termials illness. They just go visit that perosn and go back to their monral life. While that person you just told to keep trying and keep fighting is the hosipital feeling the worst pain of their life. Being poked and stabed, getting woken up in the middle of the night to take some disgusting medication. That is sapoosed to be curing something, yet it is killing you in a other

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