Analysis Of The Essay The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate

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Have you ever wondered why you go to the store for a gallon of milk and end up with a full shopping cart of groceries? Throughout Nestles essay, The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate, it reveals the supermarkets strategies to get people to buy more products. When you walk into a supermarket, the first thing you will notice is where all the products are laid out. The most common items people go to the store for like milk are located in the back or on the opposite side of the store. People then have to walk past all the junk foods, fresh produce, bakery, and deli sections to just go pick up the milk. In Nestles essay it states “the object of the game is to maximize sales and profit consistent with convenience,” (Nestle, 498). Which she explains to mean “supermarkets want to expose you to the largest possible number of items that you can stand to see, without annoying you so much that you run screaming from the store” (Nestle, …show more content…
Children watching their favorite shows will see a commercial for these fast food restaurants and they will immediately ask their parents to take them to get this cheap and unhealthy meal that is right around the corner. Zinczenko said “Complicating the lack of alternatives is the lack of information about what, exactly, we’re consuming,” (Zinczenko, 463). He says this to explain how since there is no nutrition facts on the fast food packaging, most people are unaware of what they are actually consuming when they order fast food. An example Zinczenko used was in fast food commercials you never see anything that warns people about the dangers of consuming these foods like you would in an ad for tobacco products. Most people today are unaware about how harmful certain foods can be. As you can see there are many reasons to blame these big companies for causing many people to become

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