Summary: Explorative Document Analysis

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Study design
We performed an explorative document analysis by thematic analysis of the assignments made by medical students the beginning of medical school (22).

Setting and procedure
At the Radboud University Medical Center, the one of the first educational assignments medical students are confronted with, is related to gender medicine. This assignment is part of the selection procedure, students have to make before entering medical school (Figure 1). It gives us an unique opportunity to indicate the attitudes of medical students even before their start in medical education. In a 12 minutes video, the students watched a general practitioner consult with an explanation given by a gender expert on gender differences regarding presentation and risk factors on angina pectoris and communication styles. After watching the video, the applicants were asked to formulate learning objectives and to think of which learning activities they wished for when given 40 hours. The applicants were limited in their word accounts with a maximum of respectively 500, 500 and 250 words.

Data collection
Of the 621 applicants that submitted their portfolio assignment, 328 students were admitted to the study medicine (Figure 2). All applicants admitted received an e-mail in which their permission
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To make sure both men and women were properly represented, this sample included all male students (N=20) and a random selection of female students (N=30). The assignments were entered into Atlas.ti7, a software program for detailed coding in qualitative data analysis. We followed the steps as described by Braun and Clarke (22): (1) familiarizing with the data, (2) generating initial codes, (3) searching for themes, (4) reviewing themes, (5) defining and naming themes, and (6) producing report. During analysis, we specifically paid attention to how gender is reflected in the learning objectives and

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