Essay On Women Past Vs Present

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In the 1800’s women were not looked upon as an equal to men because of multiple unexplained reasons. They were forced to be dominated by the male race and leave all the “important decisions” to them. Through interviews from lives of women who faced this period of being powerless and unworthy questions will be answered to why times where so biased towards men. In today’s world women have a mission and a vision of success; serving themselves and voicing their own opinions. WOMEN: PAST VS. PRESENT 3

Women: Past vs. Present In the 1800’s, the life for a woman was more difficult than your typical male. As a woman you were looked upon as barley more than a slave, while men were considered almighty. The role of
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First, I asked the name and age of the experimented person, and then I placed that person into one of the four categories: past-day women, current-day women, past-day men, and current-day men. After being categorized I asked a series of questions. For the women I asked, “Do you feel subservient to the male race?” For the males I asked, “Do you think a women should be allowed to make major decisions?”
The results from the study show that men from the past felt as thought they were almighty because they were stronger emotionally and physically. The males could make decisions without any emotional influence, and they felt more dominant because they fought in wars and founded the country. But now the past-day males see how influential and powerful women are and that they should have not been discriminated upon because of their lack of strength or natural dominance. The results from the women interviews show that felt as thought they were just suppose to follow along because the man was stronger and more assertive. But they wanted to decided their own future, and get the same education and rights as any male. Every woman I interviewed mentioned the Nineteenth Amendment and how big of an impact it

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