The Rights Of Man And Women In Post Revolutionary America Analysis

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Ever since the beginning of time, equality of the sexes has been controversial topic that has been abused, debated, and argued about, focusing on during the time period of nineteenth century post-revolutionary America. In the article “The Rights of Man and Woman in Post-Revolutionary America,” written by Rosemarie Zagarri, focuses in on the rights of women during this time period. Women often have been left in darkness in the course of American history because of simply their sex bearer. When putting into consideration of the trends of the rights of women in America in comparison to men, their rights are visibly incoherent and inadequate until the transition of the American Revolution when rights began to alter for women. According to the periodical …show more content…
Women were granted these rights primarily because they were expected to fulfill their duties as wife and mother in the household. In likeness of men, women had the right of obtaining an education, but were limited and not allowed to pursue their educational career after a certain point. Their moral purpose for their education was so they were able to educate their children and fulfill their duty as a mother. This helped achieve one of their duties. Although women were restricted to a certain type of education, they did not take advantage of this right because it was something they did not always have. Women also had the right to choose their spouses, which was considered a radical privilege during this time. This eliminated arranged marriages and allowed their affection to become visible instead of what it previously was seen as being less integrated in emotion and more focused on the financial standpoints of one another. This was a trending idea during this time, but as this right became available to women, there were expectations to follow. Once they swore into their marriage, they must be dedicated to their husbands and children. Just as men had the right of education, they did not have to pursue their studies, but if women refused their duties as a wife and mother they were looked down upon because it was seen as one of their privileges. Finally, women had the right to be active in the church because in the eyes of God they were seen as equals. Their roles in the church were more superior in comparison to the outside world. If they took their duties seriously, rightfully achieving all aspects of their so called job description, they would be rewarded and accepted into heaven. Their roles in the church were more superior in comparison to the outside world.

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