Suffering From A Mental Illness Essay

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Many individuals such as myself, are suffering from severe anxiety. Suffering from a mental illness can be difficult but it does not define us. We are so much more than the person behind the anxiety. We are loving, intelligent, empathetic indivdiuals that have so much to offer in this life. Sometimes we feel that our loved ones don’t know how to handle our anxiety. There are times we feel alone or isolated and just need support.
1. Difficulty explaining how we feel

There are several days we wake up and cannot explain how we feel. Some days we have trouble validating our feelings. We aren’t sure what is making us anxious. It’s a similar feeling of getting up in front of a group of people to do a presentation. Explaining physical symptoms to people can help them understand. Our hearts are racing a million miles a minute, there is heavy feeling in our chests, our stomachs are turning. Even if you don’t understand why we are acting a certain way, we ask that you just be patient with us.

2. We hate change
People who suffer from anxiety love consistency. Being in a routine reduces stress and anxiety. Starting a new job, moving, or new relationships are a few examples of change that we have a hard time facing. You’ll find that pushing us out of our comfort zones is challenging. If we are going through a significant change we need support. We may not always ask for support but we need it.
3. We have irrational fears

Everyone has a common fears such as heights, spiders, or…

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