The Definition Of Success In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Success is something I, along with many other humans, spend a lifetime striving for. It can take several different forms, considering the person defining. According to the Oxford Dictionary success is defined as “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” To me, success is the completion of a set goal. Success has countless interpretations; including finding true love, being comfortable financially, graduating with a college education, and living a life full of happiness.
Finding love can be harder for some more than others. The feeling of everlasting love can be desired by anyone; from a teenage girl to a middle-aged man. We all want the feeling of being able to share life experiences with another. Who doesn’t want the Romeo and Juliet kind of love? All the movie characters seem to find the “true love” they are destined to be with in life. Looking at my parents, who married at the young age of eighteen, I hope to one day have the successful marriage they do. Those who believe in this true love make it a goal to someday come face-to-face with the one. A loved one can help challenge you and accomplish goals alongside you. Such a love can only multiply your personal
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If anything people want is to leave this world knowing their life had meaning and was lived to the fullest. Some gain happiness through materialistic things, such as nice cars and fancy clothes. Others achieve this success through creating a loving family. I have always heard parents talk about their children being born. They say it brings an overwhelming amount of joy and excitement to life. Or even when this creation is experiencing successes of their own. A mixture of being proud and happiness is obvious. This could leave a person feeling overly successful knowing they brought such a thing into the world. Something that brings a constant realm of happiness to an existence. When a life of happiness and accomplishments are lived a life of success is as

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