Success And Success Of Success Essay example

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Behind the glamorous of successful people, they ever had a story from the beginning that they had failure to get into a success. They start from “Zero” to “Hero”. Now as the time going many young people want to reach success in their youth. Unfortunately, some young people did not consider how hard it could be to achieve success. They sometimes think successful person is success because of their luck. And sometimes when the young people meet failure in their way to success, they become desperate; they did not consider that as a stepping stone to get success. For me failure is a procedure to get success. You can learn something new from failure and make a reflection from it for your plan so you can do better next time. It also can make you to be a strong mentally person, that you can have a strong willing to get success and will never give up on your dream.
Absolutely, failure brings a deep disappointment to someone in his/her efforts on way to get success. However, we can see the advantages from failure by reflecting it. For instance, Michael Jordan, when he was in high school, he was invented by his coach to basketball summer camp. And he was asked to qualify for the university team group. But the coach was doubt with the truth that Michael height was not reach the minimum requirement to get in the team. So the coach suggests him to play in the university junior team to get more training time. He was so disappointed at that time; he wept. He even checked the player list to…

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