Fishbone's Song Analysis

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Fishbone's song is a book written by the one and only, Gary Paulsen. He is a well known author for his books on adventure, survival, and his nonfiction adventures. The book was published September 27, 2016. This is one of his new books that he has written and it's a great read. Story Line/Plot
The book is about an orphan that was raised by a very wise old man. Out in the woods, in an old beautiful cabin, the wise old man had raised an orphan that he calls his own. This wise old man has taught the orphan the power of nature and how to survive in it using many different approaches. These approaches consist of taking, replenishing, and learning more about nature. To accomplish this, he must have first hand experience on his own. Most
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Also known as failure. This being said, you are going to fail at life and succeed at the same time. It's not always about succeeding the first time. It's also about failing. You can learn many things from failing. You can learn that failure builds character, creates opportunity, teaches you benefits, instills courage, teaches perseverance, spawns creativity, requires motivation, and most importantly it is acceptable. To many, failure means the opposite of all this. Many would take failure as negativity, a let down, and an unsuccessful occurance. With failure comes opportunity. Opportunity isn't there forever. It's what you do with that opportunity that makes you who you are. Of course not everybody receives the same opportunities, but it's what you make of it. If this is accomplished, your odds of succeeding are much higher because you have lived and now learned from all of your experiences. Fishbone believes that nature is one the best teachers in being successful. There are many obstacles in nature that can lead to failure from hunting, fishing, and Mother Nature herself. This is Fishbone's theme in Gary Paulsen's book called Fishbone's Song. This is the song (theme) Fishbone sings to the boy everyday. Although this is a book, nature has taught me many valuable lessons in life. You should never underestimate anyone or anything. You must be ready for any opportunity that presents itself in front of you. Whether it's something really complicated or simple. Sometimes you will fail, but will you succeed after you have failed and learned from your mistake. I have also learned that as much as you give you shall receive. Overall you can learn many things from this book. Gary Paulsen is a fantastic author and really encourages me to read when I can relate to the topic he has written about. He will forever be one of my favorite

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