Essay on Substance Abuse Made Me Who I Am Today

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How Substance abuse made me who I am today

Substance abuse changed my life. I was addicted to drugs for such a long period of time, but alas I finally hit rock bottom. I lost everything that was important to me. This included my material possessions, my home, I even lost my friends and family, but worst of all I lost my self-respect. This situation got so out of control that I even ended up in jail and had to undergo a legal battle. Nothing hurt more than hitting “the rocks at the bottom”, but I am glad it did, it started my recovery process. I had to start over, start fresh in life. I lost so much respect from people and their trust. I lost my dignity. Drugs took everything that was important away from me, all the things that were important. At the end I had nothing. I learned from the experience and took life more seriously and became more grateful. I gave myself a second chance. I sought professional help, and went to rehab. I then started to forgive myself, and started to move on which allowed me to become a better person. This life event left a stamp in my journey forever, but I wasn’t going to allow it to be the end of me.

Recovery from substance abuse gave me a second chance at life. After a period of time being clean from drugs my mind and body became normal again. I went to residential rehab for 21 days and completed the program and continued with their aftercare program of weekly group therapy meetings. I also took initiative and found a therapist to have…

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