Study And Work Of The World Essay

1468 Words Aug 26th, 2015 null Page
Currently, a large number of students choose to study and work abroad. This phenomenon is quite normal around the world, because of globalization is getting more and more popular. However, people study and work overseas probably would face many challenges which would lead to people feel uncomfortable in their life. This essay will discuss some study and work problems people would need to challenge overseas. Moreover, this essay would also provide some advices to solve these issues. In the first part, it will focus on linguistic problems and how to deal with these problems. Then, it will discuss the reason of why there are many different work and study styles and it will give you some suggests to suit new environment. Finally, this essay will mention issues in social aspects including financial problems, social supports and so on, after that this essay will give you some advises to solve problems. First of all, the language issue may be one of the most serious problems for majority of people who go abroad to study and work. If your skills of English is not good enough, this may impact your academic study which make it hard to function at high level and academic difficulties would influence their mental adjustment (Lin and Yi, 1997,cited in Yeh and Inose, 2010). Secondly, people also need to focus on communicate problems. They may face many challenges to build a new social relationships without experienced language. A large number of people who go abroad are seem to feel…

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