Students With A Classroom Environment Essay

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In my classroom it will be organized to provide an environment that is inviting to learn in which all students will always look forward to wanting to come to class. I plan to provide my students with a classroom environment in which they feel welcomed, and the physical space is well-designed. Seating will be arranged where the students feel more structured and where there space to move around and everyone not sitting on top of one another. There will be all different sizes of table round, rectangles and long. The Tables will be placed in an area that is facing the black board. The room will have different areas that will have defined spaces, which can be used for different purposes, in which students know how to behave and know the rules in each of these defined spaces. There is only going to be a certain amount of kids in the area. In all the area there will be little magnet boards with the children face, any area they are in they need to place their face so other children do not have to take their spot. Students will also have a quiet area for large and small group activities, as well as storage spaces, bookcases, and storing space for computers, and long tables to do the group activates on. The room I consider is a very welcoming one, a colorful one that I plan to divide in various areas. There will be bright colors mix with dark calming colors. The paint in a classroom do affect the attitude and behavior of the students. My main vision of my classroom is to have…

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