Classroom Philosophy

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Looking at all the concepts covered in Introduction to Education seems like a monumental task. Yet, it becomes pretty clear that all the concepts are connected to each other and are built upon one another. Because of this, a person cannot discuss one issue without talking about the others because it will affect them. If someone doesn 't connect them, then they will fail to see the big picture of how all these concepts work in practice, instead of just in theory. Teachers need to understand how all these concepts flow together to create a successful classroom. If they do that, their students will be able to learn much more , than students in a less successful classroom. As a teacher, I believe that the best way to positively impact a student …show more content…
According to the Humanistic School of Thought, students learn best in a safe environment. In order to do this, teachers must become aware of differences students have, such as their gender, sexual preference, development, race, personality, and culture. For instance, they may not be able to answer or understand social norms that a teacher may normally use in the classroom, and the teacher needs to be prepared for that. If they don’t create a safe environment, students will be afraid to go beyond the bare minimum of what they have to do. This is especially true for atypical students, because they are more likely to be bullied and picked on for being outside of the cultural norms, and thus are afraid to speak up as much in an unsafe environment. Because of this, teachers need to be accepting of these students, and also make sure that they are respected by the other students. For instance, in a tutor-aide practicum I did, the teacher went out of her way to make all of her students, especially those students who are normally considered outsiders, feel included. Because of this, they always felt like their thoughts and ideas mattered and that they could share it. From there, students can be motivated and pushed further than they could

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