Students Should Have Longer School Hours

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Have you had a three day weekend and thought that it would be great if you could have that every weekend? Right at the moment school boards are discussing whether or not it would be appropriate to extend the school days by two hours and get rid of Fridays, giving the students a break in the morning and possibly extending their lunches also. Many people especially students are excited and hopeful that the schools will get to use this opportunity. The schools should not do four day weeks because the time students should be spending in the class room would be spent on breaks, the students would not have time in the afternoons to do anything including homework, and students will get restless.
If the schools did four day weeks then the students would be in school too long during the day. By making a longer school day the administrators would make it so that the students would have a break in the morning and a possibility of having a longer lunch. By giving these breaks that takes at least an hour off of the two hours they were planning for. This leaves about six or seven minutes for each class. Which is good for seat time, but that is one less lecture during the week that the teachers and students are missing, this puts the students behind academically. Yes, it will give time for the students to start on
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By having long school days the students will only have roughly an hour to do their homework. But home work is not the only thing that students do after school, many have jobs. Students who have jobs already have a hard time fitting home work into their schedule. School being longer means that many students would not have the opportunity to have a job. Yes, as a teenager or any young person, their main concern should be school. But any person needs time to themselves whether it is in their room or out with

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