Students Drop Out Of Colloge At An Astonishing Rate Essay

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Students drop out of colloge at an astonishing rate. For years, there have been many studies explain why that is the case and what can prevent this outcome. Paul Tough mentions in the video,”Who Finishes College” that he narrated, which includes Kathlen Ntude, Jeff Nelson, and David Laude, that about 40% of students that start a four-year college have graduated by the end of six years. Even adding community colleges to that total, still less than half of all students graduate. That is the one of the worst graduation rates in the world. First year college students will be more likely to graduate if they receive regular academic advising throughout their first year of college. It is understood by the majority of adults that once a student reaches college, they typically feel a little overwhelmed by the self-styled culture change encountered there. As mentioned in The Hanover Research for Higher Education, advising students, especially in an early stage, can help the students ' academic success (3). In the Hanover Research they mention that the Center for Community College Student Engagement, or CCSE, has found that systems which alert faculty if a student seems to be slipping behing academicly, have imprpved student graduate rate. This system will increase the likelihood of a student persisting in college (3). Another study that has been conducted by Hanover Research noticed that students that attend the school’s short term orientation course, feel more supported by…

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