Student Wellness Is Both Mental And Physical Essay

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Student wellness is both mental and physical. Mental health needs to be addressed in order to address student wellness. Mental disorders are a growing issue nationwide; according to Chadron State College, 1 in 4 adults, between ages of 18 to 24, have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Inevitably, mental health affects the physical health of a person which is a big issue on campus and needs to be addressed. Student wellness is an important issue because of the severe consequences that mental and physical disorders can have on a person. Although the University of Nevada, Reno provides programs and locations that address this issue, they do not provide essential awareness and easy accessibility for every student on campus. Our team will provide recommendations on how to improve UNR’s line-up of staff members, the accessibility to their health locations, and how to promote awareness.


As a young adult in college, there are many changes and adaptations needing to be made during the chaotic time of moving away from home and moving to college. Services offered on campus from the Student Health Center and other counseling or disability are beneficial and useful, but only for those who actually are using their help. The ratio of students using help on campus over the students enrolled in the university, or even just the number of students living on campus just goes to show that the Student Health Center isn 't benefiting as many people as it could be. The harsh stigma…

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