Structure With Children, By Paul 's Case, And American Dropout

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Structure with Children is an important thing for a child to have in their life. Without it, they will not really know right from wrong. They will not have the right guidance that they need in their life to make the right good decisions. “Consistency, predictability, and follow-through are important for creating structure in the home.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.) In “Welding with Children”, “Paul’s Case”, and “American Dropout” they all give examples of bad parenting structure, good structure and how it will affect their future. In “American Dropout”, kids dropped out of school because of many reasons, but one is because they did not have good parenting. Kids either did not have parents around a lot while they were growing up and acted out when they were younger then decided to drop out. Or they did not have a father figure present at all. Not having parents around when you are young can either make you the same way with your children if you have them, or it could be the opposite and you treat them so much better. In “Paul’s Case”, his father never let him do his own thing. He always had to do what his dad said and the way he wanted him to do it. There was only one way for things to be and it was pretty much “his dad way or the highway”. “The upshot of the matter was that the Principal went to Paul’s father, and Paul was taken out of school and put to work. The manager at Carnegie Hall was told to get another usher in his stead; the doorkeeper at the…

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