Like Water For Chocolate Character Analysis Essay

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Strong Woman
Not given the chance to fall in love, Tita watches the man she loves Pedro marry her own sister Rosaura. Tita is the youngest of three; Gertrudis the oldest sister, and Rosaura her middle sister are all raised by their mother Mama Elena. In the novel Like Water for Chocolate we are introduced to three strong female characters: Mama Elena, Tita, and Gertrudis. Mama Elena the mother that raised her three daughters’ on her own and believed in tradition, Tita the youngest of all sisters who was denied marriage by her mother, and Gertrudis the oldest sister who became a general in the army.
Denied marriage by her own mother Tita watches Pedro marry her sister. “Tita not only had to attend the wedding ceremony, despite her feelings, she also had to make sure her face did not reveal the slightest emotion” (Esquivel 36). Force to cook for her sister’s wedding, Tita had to also attend Rosaura’s wedding.
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Gertrudis ran away with Juan and became a general in the Revolutionary Army. “Leadership was in her blood, and once she joined the army, she began a rapid ascent through the powerful positions until she arrived at top” (Esquivel 178). Gertrudis became general due to her hard work and bravery fighting in the field. Gertrudis had her own troops and showed strength by been a leader. Despite the way she left the returned to the ranch. “She had come back with the intention of showing Mama Elena how she triumphed in life” (Esquivel 178). As a result of hearing the truth of how Gertrudis left and was working in a brothel, Mama Elena burnt Gertrudis’ birth certificate and wanted no one to ever mention her name again. Although, Mama Elena showed hatred and shame towards her, Gertrudis puts her pride aside and returns to the ranch to show her mom how successful she had become. Despite the unmoral way she was living Gertrudis shows that she was able to get back on tract and was willing to face her

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