Strict Parenting : Causes And Problems Essay examples

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Strict parenting can cause determine problems. Although parents want their children to be respectful and well behaved, strict parenting should not be the solution. Strict parenting can cause misbehaved and disrespectful children. A mother and her child have been having problems with their communication. She is too strict with him, and all she wanted was for him to respect her and not be a dumb teenager, curious about what other teens are doing. Rules can cause the child to lose touch in communication, and that is what happened. Her child only took it to a point where he was too embarrassed to even take friend over with all the rules being made. Rules were to the extreme to where the child did not want anything to do with his mother. After excessive rules the child thought there was no love from his mother and started taking advice from friends. His mother showed him no love. She was too worried about what he was doing, who he hung out with and where he could be. Her strict parenting only led their relationship down the drain. Her son started sneaking out, drinking, back talking, and attitude, with his friend’s advice. This only made it worse, because his mother called him names and let him know he was worthless. Leading the child to misbehave even more. Therefore, strict parenting does not cause children to behave, or even respect. With rules children and teenagers can stop listening or will not respect others, not even themselves.
Having strict parent meant always…

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