Stress Definition Essay

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What is Stress? Biologist and psychologist both have different ideas of what stress really is. Biologist label stress as if it is any occasion that happens to harms the homeostasis of any organism. Psychologists sometimes describe stress as consequences that can be psychological and physiological events in which it can test anyone’s ability to cope or get through everyday life. It can also threaten or affect a person’s important or main goals. So what really is stress?
After doing some research of my own, I have come to find that stress is the way the brain responds to any demand. We as humans believe that stress is characterized by bad situations. But the truth is, stress can also be good for you. There are many different types of stress.
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This type of stress comes from the demands and pressure of the resent, past, and near future encountered by everyone. It is short term and short lived. Which means it does not have the time to do extreme damage. This stress is supposed to be exciting and thrilling in small sections, but too much of it can make a person exhausted. It can come from the excitement and enjoyment you get when you are on a roller coaster ride to the feeling you get after being in a bad car accident. So basically this stress can go two ways, it can be the stress of joy or it can the stress of anger. For instance the feeling of joy can be from doing something you enjoy doing, like skydiving. After you went skydiving you have this feeling as if you are about to pass out or vomit and regret ever doing it. Many people feel this stress when they are having problems with work, school or even with their children. These things can be known as the stress of anger or frustration. The stress that almost everyone feels. Most of the symptoms are recognized.
The symptoms are emotional distress and physical problems. The emotional distress involves being angry or irritability, having anxiety, and different periods of depression. The physical problems are headaches, different pains, and upset stomach, and blood pressure, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Acute stress is manageable and highly

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