Stress And Its Effect On Mental And Physical Health Essays

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Stress can affect anyone at anytime by any situation. Stress is a function of the body to help it with difficult situations, however too much stress for long periods of time can weaken the body. Long-term stress can diminish life quality and weaken mental and physical health. Certain things can cause stress. But, what exactly causes stress? The definition of stress is: a demand, threat, or other event or other event that requires an individual to cope with a changed situation, (Walker 1). This could be any situation which puts pressure upon an individual or an event in which is difficult to cope with/unhappy life event. People need stress in order to help themselves deal with an important change. But, too much stress results in negative effects. On the social readjustment ratings scale, which rates the severity or the impact on the individual’s life. Death of a spouse, 100 stress points, minor infraction of the law is 11 points, divorce 73 points, death of a close friend, 37 points, difficulties with an employer, 23 points, (walker 1). Different life situations cause different amounts of stress put upon an individual, one event may be more stressful for one person than another, just depending upon the…

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