Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Personality Test Results Essay

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Strengths When I received my personality test results I did notice that most of the strengths it had me under were a correct fit for me as of right now. For starters I do feel as if I’m supportive. Anytime I have a friend who is going through something, a family member that is upset, or even someone I hardly know that seems to be hitting a rough patch in their life I feel that I should be there for that person. Next the test results showed that I am reliable. I know if someone is counting on me to take care of something for them then I make sure it gets taken care of. I am imaginative and observant as well, because I have different ways of looking at certain situations. Other strengths the test results showed were loyal, hardworking, enthusiastic, and that I have good practical skills. I would definitely say those strengths do fit who I am as of right now. In 5 years I hope to work on becoming more reliable. I say that because there are times where I can be a bit of a procrastinator. I also plan to work on my patience ability. I want to come to the point where being patient during certain situations is easy for me. Now in the next 10 years I hope to have accomplished these goals, and fit 100% into each of those strengths.

Weaknesses The results of what was listed as my weakness were about right about my personality right now. One weakness I am categorized under would be that I am humble and shy. I would have to completely agree with this weakness. Being humble and shy…

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