Visualizing My Personal Strengths And Diversity In Organizational Behavior

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Corporations in the United States and worldwide experience consistent challenges in growth and operations as the world’s economies and workforces evolve. According to an article in McKinsey Quarterly, global organizations realize discovering excellence in organizational behavior engages a workforce producing an increase of talents, knowledge, and skills, which propel corporations forward. Organizational behavior within corporations is influenced by various components provided by individual employees such as perception, values, attitudes, and ultimately, personalities. Uniquely, personalities summarize an individual’s behaviors, thoughts, and feelings and contribute to an individual’s behavior in a variety of situations (Carpenter et al., 2012). Specifically, in management, understanding employees’ characteristics present in the workplace is imperative in obtaining
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Visualizing my personal strengths and weaknesses is motivating in the way of being mindful of emotional decision-making, developing an improved way of dealing with conflict and not backing away from it. Specifically, as decision-making occurs incorporate emotional intelligence, identifying and control the emotions, in order disallow any bias from the decision making process. Previously, in situations where conflict was apparent I actively tried to avoid decisions that would cause conflict. In order to improve in healthcare management, developing a plan to limit disagreements and conflict such as disallowing power struggles or personality issues, reduce negative impacts, and curve the conflict to promote a positive force in hopes of promoting improved solutions. Continuation of improving personal weaknesses while continuing to build on my strengths will assist in reaching personal career

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