Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leadership Essay

808 Words Oct 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Leadership is a skill that cannot be taught; however, it can be learned easily through observation and reflection. Throughout the time I have spent doing both of those processes, I have learned a lot about myself and where I can improve to prepare for an inevitable leadership role. Through reflecting on my own strengths and weaknesses, I was forced to look at myself in a whole new light, and in turn my outlook and plan for the future has changed. Learning to deal with bias and social has enriched my ability to criticize flaws in myself and then take action to mitigate problems that may arise. Being able to address these topics have had an impact on my commitment to USNA because I have learned how to fix my own interests in order to better lead others. Learning and reflecting on one’s own talents and also knowing how to take into account others situations and backgrounds are a valuable resources that everyone should take the time to perfect, especially those in or soon to be in position to lead.
Strengths and weakness are inherent facts that come with being human. If a person can’t determine their own talents, then they won’t be able to lead. A great leader must be able to determine not only his own talents, but his subordinates and seniors as well. Being able to do this well plays a huge role in any leader’s success. The lesson forced me to truly reflect on exactly where I excel and what I struggle with, especially as they pertain to my future as an officer. I was able to…

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