Strengths And Weaknesses Of Email

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What are the respective strengths and weaknesses of the two emails? Be sure to consider tone, structure, and amount of information provided.

Both emails that Kamar drafted have their distinct strengths and weaknesses, which are mainly portrayed through the tone, structure, and amount of information provided throughout the emails. In the first email, Kamar is very descriptive and provides an adequate amount of good information to convince an audience that cloud computing is better than the company’s other option, which is replacing the old physical servers with brand new ones. Kamar also keeps this email short and to the point, which is preferable in a professional environment. Although these are good attributes for an email to acquire, our group found that the weaknesses in this email overshadow the strengths. The biggest weakness of Kamar’s first email is his commanding word choice and tone. In this email, Kamar tells his boss that cloud computing is the best and only option,
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In his first email, Kamar appears to be very arrogant and overconfident about his ideas for the company. His subject line is too direct, and his email starts abruptly. Lindsey and the team could become offended after reading the harsh words written my Kamar. Not only could they feel this way because his wording is overbearing, but also because the team might assume he is telling them how to do their job, or that they are incapable of performing their tasks efficiently. After all, Kamar is just an intern, so they could feel disrespected. Lindsey might not take the email seriously; her focus could be directed towards the fact that he comes off as rude, due to his word choice. A very negative impact of Kumar 's decision to possibly send this email is the fact that the staff might be reluctant to trust or listen to anything Kumar says in the future because of his arrogance and

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