Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Writer Essay

816 Words May 5th, 2015 4 Pages
I believe that strengths as a writer are that I have excellent ideas on what to write my paper about. When it comes to how to correctly structure my paper that’s where I begin to mess up. A lot has to do with procrastination, waiting till the next day or the day the paper is due to turn it in. My laziness and procrastination had a lot to do with my overall grade. That’s when I begin to stress and just put things together to just at least turn the paper in. I know that writing has not been one of my strengths for a while. This could have something to do with the type of English teachers I have had previously over my high career. I don’t think they well pre-pared me for college essays and how to construct them correctly to the actually meet my professor’s standards. I figured I was an excellent writer because of my previous English grades and previous grades on essays. From viewing my grade from midterms and receiving back the paper I have turned in, showing that I have yet to pass one single paper. A reason to this could be that I begin to run out of things to say when it comes to lengthy paper like 5 or 10 page papers. Maybe because I did not have to write essays that long. This shows that over this summer I need to read books on how to compose college essays and at least write every day to improve my writing skills even if it’s just writing how my day went, I just need to really get back in the habit of writing so that when I do come back next semester I will be well…

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