Essay on Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Leader

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Each person has their own unique traits that make them a leader. Not every person shares the same strengths, weaknesses, or characteristics, which I have my own. While I may excel in areas such as trust and ethical leadership, for other people that could be their weakness. The more I learn about myself there is more to learn about becoming a better leader. I have many weaknesses that I will have to work on each day to turn them into strengths. By using my own personal leadership portrait I can better guide, educate, inform, and influence anyone that I hope to one day lead.
Before learning the different types of leadership styles I believed that a leader, typically a boss or a manager was an authoritarian/autocratic leader. Where the leader makes the decisions for the group with the expectation that others will carry them out without dispute (Gamble & Gamble 2013). The theory that goes with my beliefs would be transactional leadership, where the leader is nothing more than a boss to his or her followers. There are no deeper connections with people on an emotional level. The leader is there to make sure others get their work done. Over time I have learned that leaders are leaning towards a more interactive leadership like democratic leadership. What makes this leadership work is that followers feel that their leader actually listens and encourages talking among everyone. The theory that best aligns with this leadership style is transformational leadership theory. With…

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