English Composition Course Reflection

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During the course of both English composition courses, which included English 0110 and English 1011, I have accomplished a lot of goals that I thought were unattainable. I believe that this course has made me a better writer, student, and a better person as well. Through my experiences in both English courses I have acknowledged my strength and my weaknesses, but through it all I have learned how to be an effective writer. I believe that I have a couple of strength in my English courses. Strength I knew I always had was vocabulary and spelling. My high school English teacher always told me that vocabulary is essential, and in my genre definition essay you mentioned how well I used certain vocabulary words. One of my biggest strength is my organization skills. From the first paper assigned to us, diagnostic essay, you mentioned to me that I do a great job of organizing. For me to have a well …show more content…
My biggest weakness is probably punctuation, I can learn it over and over again, and I still manage to use it incorrectly. My biggest problem is thinking I have to put a comma everywhere. Putting commas everywhere leads me to have run-on sentences. To improve this I need to utilize the “fanboy” acronym when I write text messages. I have a couple of sentence errors that I need to work on, but that’s due to me not reading my paper out loud to myself. Another weakness that I will continue to work on are fragments. I always think I have defeated fragments, but they always seem to appear. I am still working on it, and it will get better. Another one of my weakness is my internal citations in MLA, but that probably has to do that I have written most APA paper that I am just accustomed to citing in APA and not MLA. I have made a cheat sheet in one of my English journals so that I know when I need to internally cite in MLA. I have my weakness, but I think its part of being a writer, and I am learning how to improve those

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