Strength Training

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Does Strength Training Build You Up or Pull You Down?

What is an aspect of caring for our bodies which is often overlooked? This is one of the

first questions I took into consideration when thinking about health and fitness, and the

conclusion I ironically came to was strength training. The reason this is ironic is because, to

some this might seem like an obvious part of fitness when it comes to trying to improve a

person’s body overall, but what I quickly discover through research is that strength training is

often overlooked. This is not the only reason I chose to research strength training, and I would

like to discuss the other reasons, as well as, just what strength training is about, how it does or

does not help our bodies,
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What I really wanted

was something which was not necessarily the obvious option, I wanted to discover a new

perspective in the process of my research. So, when I stumbled upon the subject of strength

training I was instantly intrigued, from what I saw this subject provided me with the chance to

shed some light on this subject from both angles that I would be researching it from. Therefore, I

decided that I would do my paper on this subject.

Continuing on, I would to talk about what strength training is and explain how it works.

Basically the concept with strength training is to help someone’s muscles to begin to improve bit

by bit. How this is done is by, “gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of

free weights, machines, or the person 's own body weight” _____. What happens when more

weight is added is that the muscles being subjected to the weight grow larger and more weight

can continue to be added. This is essentially what strength training is and it explains how

someone can increase his or her strength.

Next I would like to look at what strength building can do for our bodies. Through
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I would also like to include, however, that another verse in the Bible does say, “For physical

training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the

present life and the life to come.” (NIV. 1 Timothy 4:8)[???]. I think this verse speaks to the fact

that while, yes, God does want us to physically train our bodies, and He wants our main focus to

be on our walk with Him.

To conclude, there are many fascinating facts and points which should not be ignored

when studying strength training. After all, just because at first glance it may just seem like just

another exercise to add to someone’s regular routine, the fact is there are many different

interesting aspects to strength training. Even the concept of how this exercise works is

interesting, let alone the many benefits it can provide. What is almost even more interesting is

that though some people may think there is not much in the Bible on this subject the truth is there

are verses which take on whole new meanings when taking this concept into consideration.

However, no matter which aspect of strength training someone takes into consideration I feel he

or she will find many interesting and beneficial pieces of

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