Strategy For Customer Performance Reliability Essay

1995 Words Nov 20th, 2016 8 Pages
strategy for customer in performance reliability. Reliable delivery with supplier collaboration in managing a broad supply chain operation is the best way to link with suppliers. Access to the inventory information creates the most favorable environment in internal integration. A vigorous multivariate statistical modeling process was employed to seek a possible linkage between the level of integration and the supply chain performances at a different linkage stage. This study would open an avenue for further investigation using micro data such as financial performances, and other key supply chain indicators to operationalize some of the findings that this study presented. This paper explored the relationship between supply chain linkages and supply chain performance so that management will be able to pursue better supply chain strategies applicable directly to their business environment. Study results provide management with innovative insights for planning and executing applicable supply chain strategies. This study presented overall and individual determinants of each linkage affecting supply chain performance. In addition, this study presented a valid and reliable measurement instruments that academicians as well as practitioners can use in measuring the supply chain performance.

. Ellingera, Chenb, Tianc and Armstronga(2015).Supply chain risk management (SCRM) has become a differentiating competency as networks of interdependent organisations strive to manage and prevent…

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