Strategies for E-Sports Events Essay

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When we think of the term sports, the first things that come to our mind are Football or Basketball, which happen to be the most common televised sports, but we rarely give thought about what these sports have in common.
In a sport, players assemble to participate in a competitive game against each other, demonstrating their skill and understanding of the game. Players dedicate lots of time into practicing and honing their skills, in hopes of outmaneuvering the opponents and earning the victory. Just like in normal sports, E-Sports is when players gather to compete invideo games. This may sound a bit ridiculous, but I assure you that there are many video games out in today's market which require a lot of skills to play
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* Halo - A First Person Shooter game played on consoles. * Call of Duty - A First Person Shooter game played on the PC and consoles. * Street Fighter - A popular Fighting Game where players execute special moves and attacks to knock out the opponent.

Sports tourism, or more correctly, Sport Tourism refers to travel which involves either observing or participating in a sporting event staying apart from their usual environment. Sport tourism is a fast growing sector of the global travel industry and equates to $600 billion a year.
And now esports are being part of this growing industry.E-sports players started to become professional players in USA and Asia.This will continue with the developments in the technology and urbanization.
Why E-sports ?
Nowadays technology is growing rapidly,most people tend to concerned about internet and accept with the internet or the computer games as the first activity so needs and demands are in this way.E-sports industry is a opportunity for future.
Why League Of Legends ?
Since League Of Legends (LOL) has a progressing process for 4 years many internet users prefer this game because of each game is including characters,players,strategy.Player skills are improving and changing game by game so players can’t give up easily from this endless rotation.
League of Legends

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