The Pros And Cons Of College Athletes

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Ramin Wahab
College Writing - Period 3
January 20, 2015 Entertaining Millions but no pay day! In todays society almost everyone watches a college sport for entertainement. The most largest community for collegiate athletes is the NCAA. For many years the NCAA which stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association’s. The NCAA consists of 3 main divisions Division 1, 2 and 3 with each having 300 colleges and universities in its memberships. With over 170,000 athletes in the Division One segment. claims to why college athletes are not obligated to be paid money for their athletic efforts is because of their amature status. Today, many athletes can refute this claim due to the amount of money the NCAA makes off of the athlete. Many of these young aspiring men and women look for ways to profit off of their self image, the NCAA profits off of the athlete with all money going towards their institutions, and none to the athlete. A lot of these student athletes are struggling to support themselves, and excelled at a certain sport to improve not only their lives, but their families’ as well. The NCAA has turned into a business that leaves these athletes
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