Strategic Planning Of The Zara Company: The Strategic Planning Of Zara

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Strategic planning of zara:
The strategic Planning of the ZARA Company is thinking about of Multi configuration worldwide. The ZARA has found a way to develop its store area around the globe. As indicated by the yearly report of the ZARA in the money related year 2010 ZARA has opened stores in 45 nations over the world.
The Strategic Planning of the ZARA is given below;
• Increase consumer Satisfaction and decrease dissatisfaction of the plus size consumer.
• Increase purchase frequency among plus size customers.
• Continue to grow by prolonging the ZARA fashion brand.
• Increase brand awareness and promising attitudes among consumers.
• Number of store opened during the year.
• Turnover.
• Net profit After Tax.
• Earnings before interest &
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Include necessary information about all the elements of marketing mix for the new strategy. The strategy is complete and addresses all the requirements to make your strategy clear and understandable, e.g. Customer segments (products) the main focus, Market Location and Timing tactics, etc. Also make sure that the new recommended strategy is in accordance with the company’s vision and mission statement and it will benefit the organization to achieve its goals.

4P's, marketing and sales objectives etc. and financial plan, overall budgets, marketing budget etc. The overall business Level strategy:

 Strategic Level:
The customer demand is more for the new product so the ZARA Company have plan for the future demand of the customer such as the development of the new product and the rival analysis. So the government new policy and the population demographics will be considering in the strategic level of business.

 Tactical Level:
The Tactical level of the ZARA Company includes its information on difference analysis of ZARA Company such as the stock revenue and the average class sizes of clothing of the ZARA Company.

 Operational Level:
The Operational level strategy of the ZARA Company includes such the Materials, labor and
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In each season we have different variety of products. So we should be attentive and sales more and more in these seasons. Therefore, it should be clearly mentioned to the company operational management.

Marketing Mix
Marketing 4P's:
• Product:
The ZARA Company sales its products such as paints and shirts.

• Price:
The ZARA Company should keep the moderate price for the middle class of customer in order to afford it and the price should be set on the cost.

• Place:
The ZARA Company product will be available in all the major cities of Malaysia.

• Promotion:
The ZARA Company will have used new product in new market where the demand of the product is high and ZARA will also do advertisement through which it will attract the customer towards itself. The ZARA will provide all necessary facilities to the customer and make the customer satisfy.

Marketing and sales objectives:
The marketing and sales objective of the ZARA Company is to increase customer equity. Such as given below;
• Increase consumer satisfaction, decrease dissatisfaction of the plus size consumer.
• Increase purchase frequency among plus size customers.
• Continue to grow by extending the ZARA fashion brand.
• Increase brand awareness and favorable attitudes among

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