Essay about Strategic Management Case Study : Dish Network Once Again

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This Strategic Management case study focuses on assessing DISH Network once again. I will discuss why it is best for DISH to use both PEST and Porter’s 5 Forces to help leaders understand their particular environmental environment. I will continue with a SWOT analysis of DISH and finally discuss what DISH should be doing to analyze the external environment at the macro-level and micro-levels.
Pest is an analysis of political, economic and technological factors in the external environment of an organization which can affect its activities and performance of hence necessary for leaders to understand their particular external environment (Robert E. Olson; et al 2012). The aim of understanding PEST is to:
Find out current external factors that may change in the future hence affecting a business, to find out the current external factors affecting an organization and the extent to which they do so, to exploit the changes (opportunities) or defend against them (threats) better than competitors would do.
The external analysis of DISH Network indicates the Television service provider’s industry and environmental factors which affect the companies in the industry. Through conducting the PEST analysis, the company can have a better understanding of the industry factors and environmental issues which may cause concern needs. The macro-environmental study is used to examine the political, economic, social and technological factors which the company does not have control over.

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