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Strategic Innovation: Back Bay Battery
In this online simulation, students play the role of a business unit manager at Back Bay Battery Company who must balance a portfolio of R&D investment strategies (over 8 simulated years) across products in the portable power market.

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Back Bay Battery

Strategic Innovation Simulation

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Printed on recycled paper.

Product #M14828


The process of sampling and adopting any of our online simulations is simple:

for courses in:

The simulation dashboard provides a snapshot of information and navigation options.

Simple administration tools allow professors to configure the simulation and access student results for class discussion.

Strategic Innovation Simulation: Back Bay Battery
Approximate seat time: 90 minutes
Product #2656

Students prepare once (with how-to video, summary, and a foreground reading); and then each round of play requires students to analyze market information and make investment decisions over 8 simulated years.

Strategic Innovation Simulation Back Bay Battery

Strategic Innovation Simulation Back Bay Battery

class summary


analyze total unit sales dashboard overview desired features decide potential customers

feature performance income statement sales variance Dashboard Overview - 2008
Market Sales

R&D Investment

Scenario Setup

Performance Requirements

Open simulation to students
Limit students to

Auto-generated Sales Estimates (basic)

no limit

In this setting, the simulation will determine the sales estimate based on last year’s sales. Users will not be held

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