Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… HRM is strategy-focused, i.e., by itself it is strategic in nature. HRM at strategic level is SHRM. (Kazmi, 2002) Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) implies a concern with the ways in which HRM is crucial to organizational effectiveness. (Miller 1987) defines Strategic Human Resource Management practice as the decisions and actions, which concern the management of employees at all, levels in the business, and is related to the implementation of strategies directed towards sustaining competitive …show more content…
Analysis is required if existing strategies don’t fulfil strategic goals, or if there are any shortcomings.

The second step is the analysing of alternative strategies. Alternative strategies may be developed by the organisation itself via HRM research and development studies. Analysing alternative strategies reveals how effectively the new strategy might be implemented within an organisation, and what would be the extra benefits to the organisation of implementing such a strategy.

The third step concerns deciding upon the most effective alternative strategy.

Greer (1995) talks about four possible types of linkages between business strategy and the HRM function / department of an organisation:

• ‘Administrative linkage’ represents the scenario where there is no HR department and some other figurehead (such as the Finance or Accounts executive) looks after the HR function of the firm. The HR unit is relegated here to a paper-processing role. In such conditions there is no real linkage between business strategy and
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