Stone Quarry Research Paper

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4. Health and Safety: Measures for Stone Quarry
The legislations such Mine Health & Safety Act are used for the mines and quarries. According to Tim (2006:85) since quarries are one of the dangerous operations like mines due to the nature of the work. Operations use larger vehicles, explosives, Crushers, conveyor belts and high walls which are part of the hazards. As a result, there will be more safety audits which may enable the contractors to reduce the likeness of accidents or prevent ill health.
The Legislation
Mine Health & Safety Act 29 of 1996 (MHSA)
The main purpose of the MHSA is to provide protection for employees and other persons at mines (this includes quarries & borrow pits).
In addition to the main purpose of the MHSA, the long
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The Health & Safety Document
Every operator, no matter how small the quarry, must prepare a health and safety document. Its purpose is to demonstrate that the risks at the quarry have been identified and are properly controlled. It helps everyone to understand their health and safety responsibilities and how they fit in with others. Everyone working at the quarry can make a useful contribution in identifying the risks and preparing the document (Mine and Health Safety Act, 1996).
It must be set out in writing, in a way which can be understood by everyone who works there, key information about health and safety at the quarry.

This includes:
• What the risks are;
• The measures taken to control those risks;
• How the quarry is managed;
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Emergency lighting
• Is there adequate emergency lighting is work goes on after dark? (Independently powered lighting towers are sufficient, where the failure of any one would still leave enough light to enable people to leave the area safely?
• Can security staff and others who have to move around the quarry at night do so safely? For example, do they have torches for emergency use?
Escape and rescue
• Have the sort of emergencies which might happen been considered?
• Does everyone know what to do if the worst happens and have they been properly trained?
• Is the required equipment readily available and properly maintained?
• Have the possible emergencies and action needed been discussed with the emergency services?
Danger areas
Areas of the quarry where there are particular health or safety hazards need to be marked and treated as danger areas. All people, other than those who have been specifically authorised to enter for essential purposes and who have been trained in the necessary safeguards, must be excluded from such areas, for example by erecting warning signs and barriers. The barriers should clearly identify the boundary of the danger area and make entry impossible without a conscious effort (Mine and Health Safety Act,

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