Iphone Industry Analysis

After years of dominating the phone market, Apple is about to get tested like never before. With Apple producing basically the same phones over and over again, people are starting to catch on and see the light. With Android packing so many new things into one phone its going to be tough for Apple to compete. Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, has changed the industry of music forever by making a device that you can take anywhere and have music and video integrated into it. With a sleek design and an expensive price tag, Apple was doing great and even produced the first touch screen mp3 and phones, which changed the market forever. There was no device ever made that could text, call, and use the internet all on one device.
The Iphone had a bunch
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It’s a symbol of higher quality materials used on the phone and fitting in, that’s all my brothers cared about if they looked cool by having the phone and that the phone looked cool. Not saying that everyone just buys Apple for this sole purpose, but most do. Having multiple Ipods and Iphones I grew tired of the limited space they gave you on the phone and not be able to customize everything I wanted. This is another thing that’s wrong with Apple they want things their way and could care less about customers because they are making millions selling products the way they already are.
With Apple putting restrictions on customizing the way the phone owner wants, people often choose to jailbreak. Jail breaking is pushing away from Apples restrictions and it installs an app named Cydia onto the phone. Cydia is an app that’s huge; you can customize anything your heart desires. Like downloading paid apps for free and along with video, themes and much more (appleiphonereview). With such capabilities the app only has one problem once downloaded, it removes Apples virus blocking code and leaves it open for
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In the end it comes to the customer, the commercials you see, and what best suits you. You might like the Iphone because its simple, gets the job done and is a smart phone that looks good, with decent specifications. On the other hand people might like Android for the live wallpapers and the expandable memory and for a lot of customization.
What really is the big picture is that Steve Jobs the created Apple, and has changed the industry of music forever by making a device that you can take anywhere and play your music and videos on. This in fact gave inspiration to people making other smart phones and applications. Without Steve Jobs dropping out of college and going out to follow his dreams, we might have a different outcome on cell phones and how he greatly affected the world

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