Essay about Steve Jobs And Bill Gates

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are very similar people, especially in what they do. They both made it easier for people with all the technology they created. They only big difference between them was that Jobs was the co-founder of Apple and Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates changed the course of technology and made a turning point in history, they had goals, they started their own companies, and with all of the help of their education that was provided. They were rivals, but believe it or not they did work together at one point. It both helped them to what they have become now. They both started their careers at the same time and now are about the wealthy’s people in the world of personal computing. Steve had a design set-mind, he wanted to design things in his own unique way and Bill on the other hand did whatever he could do best, according to the requirement of present. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, WA. Gates is married to Melinda Gates and has three kids with his wife. Gates grew up in an upper middle class with two sisters. Gates first enrolled at Lakeside school and that is where he first learns to use a computer. He then entered Harvard University and the began programming with Paul Allen in the computer center. Gates is a technologist, philanthropist, and a business leader. His family also encouraged his interest in computers at an early age. Bill Gates dropped out of college to start Microsoft with his good friend…

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